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How can I fly and what is needed for this?

Flights depend on favorable weather conditions and we can not guarantee certain flight dates. In order to fly, we advise you to follow announcements on our pages on facebook and instagram. Also, with the option ''Book now'' announced flight dates will be highlighted and available for booking. After announcing the date of the flight - write to us on social networks or call 0933064503, 0969244613 and we will provide you all details on upcoming flights.

How safe is it?

Paragliding is a kind of extreme activity with the highest level of passive safety. Flights are possible only with proper weather conditions, guests are provided with a helmet and necessary equipment. All pilots have the appropriate license and pilot certification, which are recognized in most countries of the world. Each pilot flies with a reserve parachute, which is designed taking into account the weight of the pilot and passenger together. But it is important to remember that paragliding remains an extreme sport and includes a risk for life.

How to find out where and when flights are planned?

Subscribe to our pages on facebook, instagram, or text to us so that we add you to the chat and you will always know the time of the next flights. You can follow our updates without a subscription, if the date of scheduled flights is good for you - call us.

The place of flight and how to get to the start?

Kiev - the place of the flights is located on the exit from the neighborhood Troyeshchyna - 1.5km to the side of the pogreby village. The place where our team will meet you is called Borody - Bar (Pogrebsky Path 66). Public transport departs from the metro station Lisova. From Lisova take bus #325 or 320 and ask your driver to stop by the Borody bar (also you can google this spot by itself or just call us and we will explain you all details). From Borody Bar, we will take you to the main spot of flights.

Bakota - departure to start mainly by own transport.Flights, depending on weather conditions are taking place from Khmelnitsky or Chernivtsi region.If necessary, we organize a ferry across the bay(150 uah in both directions).For more information about the possibilities to get to the spot, please call us and ask for details.

Who can fly? Age? Weight?

Anyone without problems with health and in a positive mood, at the age of 18+, weight from 35-40 to 110 kg. Children under 18 years of age with weighing at least 35-40 kg and a height of at least 140 cm - in the presence of parents.

Who is unable to fly?

Flights are prohibited for people with:
  • Weight less than 35-40kg or more than 110kg
  • Had recent fractures of the limbs, spine, head trauma, severe illness
  • With mental or neurological disorders
  • In depression or other negative conditions
  • Pregnant women after the 3rd month of pregnancy
The following people will not be allowed to fly:
  • In a state of alcoholic / drug intoxication
  • If the moral and psychological state of a person is in doubt
  • Violators of common ethical norms of morality and behavior
  • People in a bad and negative mood

What kind of clothes do I need?

The main thing is shoes. Shoes should reliably protect the foot and be as comfortable as possible (sneakers or bots). Flip - flops, slates, shoes with stilettos and so on can not be accepted. It is advised to have clothes that completely cover your hands and feet. To protect your eyes, we also recommend take glasses with you.

Gift Certificate

You can present a flight to your neighbours or friends. Cost of the certificate the same as the flight cost. To order a certificate, select the appropriate option on our site. Validity period is 1 year (365 days) from the moment of purchase. A person with a gift certificate must have it with him and give it to the pilot before the flight. The certificate can not be returned or resaled, but you can transfer it to another person.

How long does the training last, do I need special training?

Preparatory briefing takes 2-5 minutes. Flight does not require special training, as for you everything is done by an experienced instructor.

Information for corporate clients and large groups. Advertising.

We also arrange big groups flights by appointment. it is possible to arrange trips to the best flying sites in Ukraine. It is possible to print your advertisement on our wings or on our web resources. For more information, please call us.


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